What's New at Haus

March 10, 2014

 Hello all, Claire here!

            I just wanted to express my excitement about having some pieces of Courtney Puckett’s beautiful artwork hanging here at Haus Interior! Courtney is a Brooklyn based sculptor who received her BFA from The Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art and her MFA from Hunter College.  She often incorporates textiles and other media into her artwork. This is especially exciting for me since I was a Fiber and Material Studies major at SAIC. It’s always interesting to see how fellow artists incorporate different types of fibers in their own work.

            We currently have five pieces from Courtney’s Lasso series. This series has been constructed using leftover materials from her previous larger works. These leftovers include fabric, string, yarn, wire, ribbons, and twine scraps. They are intertwined, braided, sewn, and wrapped together in order to create a “lasso” type appearance. A set of these would be the perfect way to accent any wall in your home!