Big News from Haus Interior

Posted on May 13, 2014


After 6 beautiful years on Elizabeth Street we are closing our retail doors.  We are focusing on our many interior design projects and excited for all the amazing things to come!  We will certainly miss being part of the Nolita neighborhood.  250 Elizabeth Street has been our home base for so long and we have made such great friends here.  We recently had our store photographed so we always remember it as it was!  Check out our favorite shots below.  

And to all of our Haus Interior candle fans - DO NOT WORRY!  We will still be making them, and adding new scents to the collection soon.  You can buy them online right here - or check out all the fabulous stores that also carry them here. And if you have a store and want to be a supplier of our awesome candles, email us at wholesale@hausinterior.com.

We all want to thank you for your shopping and visiting us at the store these six years.  It has been a pleasure being a part of your lives.  You can always find us right here on hausinterior.com.  This is the place to see what we are up to and, of course, to buy our candles!  

xx the Haus Team

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Introducing Country Haus!

Posted on April 29, 2014
Just in time for the warmer months we are introducing our newest candle!  The Country Haus candle combines the fresh scent of basil with the spicy scent of ginger.  This candle rounds out our Haus Interior Candle collection to eight scents.  We are looking forward to introducing more in the future.  In the meantime come by and pick up Country Haus!  

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What's New at Haus

Posted on March 10, 2014

 Hello all, Claire here!

            I just wanted to express my excitement about having some pieces of Courtney Puckett’s beautiful artwork hanging here at Haus Interior! Courtney is a Brooklyn based sculptor who received her BFA from The Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art and her MFA from Hunter College.  She often incorporates textiles and other media into her artwork. This is especially exciting for me since I was a Fiber and Material Studies major at SAIC. It’s always interesting to see how fellow artists incorporate different types of fibers in their own work.

            We currently have five pieces from Courtney’s Lasso series. This series has been constructed using leftover materials from her previous larger works. These leftovers include fabric, string, yarn, wire, ribbons, and twine scraps. They are intertwined, braided, sewn, and wrapped together in order to create a “lasso” type appearance. A set of these would be the perfect way to accent any wall in your home!









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Meet Claire!

Posted on January 06, 2014

Hi everyone! My name is Claire and I am the newest member of the Haus Interior family. After graduating with a BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2012 I moved back to New York to work on my art and rediscover this wonderful city. The only problem with working at Haus Interior is that I constantly have to fight the urge to buy everything in the store! That being said, there are a few items I just couldn’t pass up.


The Art-Pop Zipper Clutch:


As a fiber and textile artist, I was immediately drawn to these unique, cotton twill, printed zipper clutches. This wearable art was created by a fabulous California-based painter and surface designer and is part of a limited edition collection. Whether you pair this vibrant clutch with your favorite pair or boyfriend jeans and T-shirt or your go-to little black dress, it is a great way to add a unique pop of color to any outfit. 


Green Haus Candle:


Now that the holidays have come and gone I’ve been craving a new scent that is less reminiscent of Christmas and is fresh and earthy. I found that our Green Haus candle is exactly what I was looking for. Green Haus manages to find the perfect balance of a soft yet masculine scent. This woodsy blend has rich oak moss and floral undertones and is the perfect candle to burn year round!


Edison Basket: 

The Edison Wire Basket is by far one of the coolest baskets I have ever seen and I am obsessed with it! Its convertible and collapsible design gives you six different shapes and allows for you to change your basket to suit your need as well as your playful creativity. I think this basket epitomizes intelligent design. 





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